About Us

Shorooq Al Doha Technical &Cleaning L.L.C has flourished as a reliable source of technical and cleaning services in Dubai. Our business has expanded twice in size in just a short period, as we have earned the reputation of being one of the most affordable home and property maintenance contractors in Dubai.

Our unique selling point lies in providing reliable, yet inexpensive personalized services. With the necessary procedures in place, we are capable of providing personalized services to the highest level of satisfaction – while making sure costs are minimal and quality is sky high. That’s what Shorooq Al Doha Technical &Cleaning L.L.C is all about.

Our first responsibility lies to the property owners for whom we work. For their needs, we always try to maintain the highest quality. Whether it is something as trivial as fixing a doorknob or a task that involves carpentry, electrical repairs, plumbing, painting, interior designing, all types of false ceiling contracting and safety equipment’s installations and all kinds of cleaning services – we are always just a phone call away.

Our next responsibility is maintaining the welfare of our employees. Our skilled and well-equipped technicians must have fair and adequate compensation, and working conditions must be clean, orderly, and safe. At Shorooq Al Doha Technical & Cleaning L.L.C, our team consists of only those who possess the most solid background in commercial and residential maintenance. Therefore, whether it’s an apartment, office block, warehouse, or a building, you can always expect to be met with highly skilled and professionally maintained technicians.

Our final responsibility is to ourselves. On one hand while we strive to maintain a profitable venture, we must also purchase new equipment, provide for new facilities, and launch new services on the other. To maintain this balance, we make sure we always come up with new ideas. When we operate according to these principles, we believe that all stakeholders will realize a fair return.

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